Finn Heemeyer


26 years old - living in Berlin for 13 years.
Crafting software for the web in offices for roughly 7 years.
Main career focus have been Ruby and JavaScript.
Currently learning C in my free time.
Everything I know is self-taught.
I'm an avid reader, digging books belongs to my daily schedule.
Other hobbies include Kung-fu, Yoga and producing Hip-Hop music.

Programming languages

Worked with

Some books I read

Career progression

Early development

My journey through software development began at the age of 13. Having received a book about Visual Basic from a friend, I soon discovered the easiness of PHP. At age 14 I started doing C++, followed by Python, Perl and x86 assembly.

berida - My first job

At 16 I landed my first gig at berida, doing 10 hours per week followed by a full-time internship to receive my graduation. We wrote software for several clients, including a wordpress plugin, a price comparison site using jQuery mobile and a Facebook lottery tool in C#. The main learning for me was keeping on the work when you're stuck - something I avoided in my early personal projects.

doxter - Startup flair

The next company I worked for had a team of 25, four of which where developers. As this was my first "startupish" company, I learned about many business- and communication-related topics and developed my main skill set which still serves me today: Ruby (with rails), git and Vim. Furthermore, I gained the power to fearlessly dig into a 5000+ commit codebase.

conGane - Getting autonomous

My father founded a company which does pharma sales software. In a few months I developed the MVP from scratch and then maintained it for another 1.5 years. I operated on the full stack, which consisted of a rails-powered backend, self-written JavaScript microframeworks and a server with ubuntu, MongoDB and unicorn. The project served successfully as a demonstration tool of the companies' future capabilities, attracting multiple customers. I even had my own intern for three weeks.

AgProp - A design-driven voyage

After ~2 years at conGane I was ready for something new. I had already done a side-project for AgProp - the new website of binuu, a club located in Berlin Kreuzberg. While I already had quite some frontend experience, I wasn't used to implement pixel-perfect designs or work with designers at all. At AgProp I was able to sharpen my CSS skills (using sass as a pre-processor) and also develop a better vision for fonts, margins and colors. The most challenging project at this company was a svg visualization in d3.js, which also included a node.js / express backend.

ZenGuard - Sharpening the skills

During my time at AgProp there was one thing that bothered me: Being the only developer in the office. I felt like I needed someone to talk to - someone to learn from. That's when ZenGuard caught my attention. There I was part of a 10-person development team, residing in a 50-person office. Started out in frontend with ES6, Coffeescript and Bacon.js, then moved over to backend, doing the payment API in Ruby, server configuration in Chef and microservices in Go. - Off to new shores

Working at ZenGuard, I had the chance to dive a little bit into dev-ops topics. At this has started to be my main focus. I have set up our new AWS stack with terraform and packer, configured the CI system and development environments to work with docker and furthermore tweaked the company's chef repository. I also worked in application development, splitting the monolithic rails app into frontend and backend and rewriting the payment services.